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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Spaces for Activities

Suggestions for spaces at St. Marys:

1.  Sports - There is a huge play ground.  There is shade on one side for spectators and a valley on the other side.  Trekking down in to the valley is possible.

2.  Theatre - Outside the dining hall there is a shaded space that can be used as a stage.  Dhurries will have to be hired and a few chairs are available for seating.  There is a pit in the middle for a bonfire, and electrical point for hooking up music for the final night party.

3.  Martial Arts - Early morning and evening it can be on the sports ground (which is too sunny during the day).  If Nikhil prefers during the day, then there is a huge lawn with plenty of shady trees.  Games are not allowed there, so only if the martial arts will not spoil the lawn will it be allowed there.  Or it can be in the hall or along the ample corridors. 

4.  Art Corner - There is a largish table with ample benches and floor space overlooking the valley.  In the hall there are lots of soft boards to stick the art work on. (Remember they do not want us to stick things on walls, so we need lots of string to hang things from.  There are many pillars and posts.)

5.  Talks and gatherings - There is a small hall with 150 chairs.  She prefers if we bring our own sound system and only use their mikes.

6.  Sessions - There is ample space on the lawns, the hall and the corridors for smaller sessions of all kinds.

7.  Children's Fair - Children can set up shop around the hall and sell things on one of the afternoons.

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