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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Dear Friends,

We are so happy at the thought of being together soon!  Please read and respond to this second update:

1.  St. Mary's has a huge play ground that is on the edge of a valley.  They will be able to provide us with a guide for a trek down to the valley.  Steven has advised us to go early morning before breakfast to avoid the heat.  Those interested should bring appropriate shoes, caps, water bottles and carry a snack.

2.  Shilpa Parulekar will be organizing games and sports, so do bring a cricket set and two footballs which can be shared if you can.

3.  Hema Gopinathan and Ranu Prashant will be doing needle work including embroidery, knitting and crocheting.  Those interested please bring your needles, yarn etc.

4.  There will be a Children's Mela on the 1st morning (which can be carried on in an impromptu manner throughout the conference).  Children can 'show, tell, display, sell'.  Please give us some idea of who will be putting up what.  There are no tables and only a few benches, so bring a mat or sheet to spread down.  It will be in a hall and semi open corridor.

5.  Simulataneously adults can display and explain their curriculum and resources. This can also continue impromptu for all the days.

6.  There is a Tuck Shop.  Please send in your children's snack list in case St. Mary's can provide.

7.  Please remember to pack your and your children's medications and basic 1st Aid needs. 

8.  About the under 3 year olds, since St. Mary's is not charging them, they will not get a bed or plate, but will eat and sleep with the parents.

9.  The hot water timings are on the blog, and Steven has requested us to not all bathe at one time, but split up into morning and evening shifts for bathing, as there will not be enough hot water for all at one time.

10.  Lastly, the staff will be overwhelmed if we all try to talk to them, so if you have any requests or queries while at the venue, please contact Nikhil for food, Supriya for rooms, and Urmila.  They have said to please do this before 5pm, as the staff goes home after that.

Looking forward to a great time together!

Swashikshan Team IHC - 13.
Hi everyone

The excitement is building up at my end! How about you? The countdown has begun! :)
We are trying our best to download all the music that some of you put down in the playlist we were creating.
We haven't got too many other suggestions too from all of you, and I'm guessing everyone must be busy.
So, please do remember to pack your music too in some way, along with your other stuff, and bring it along to share with everyone!
See you all soon!

Priya Desikan

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
Priya Desikan <prisri30@yahoo.com>

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Dear Friends,
For the first time in India, Homeschooling families from all over the country will gather together to have fun, share our joys and fears, bond with each other, and celebrate our choice to be free at Swashikshan’s first Indian Homeschooler’s Conference – 2013 (IHC – 13). In order to help us help you make the most of our time together, let us brainstorm together. Please respond to any, preferably all the questions below. You can confer with your spouse and children and send in joint or separate responses:
  1. Is there anything you would particularly want from this conference.
  2. Do you have any talent or skill you would like to share.
  3. Do your children have any ideas to add?
  4. Would you or your child like to participate in the stage night?
  5. Will you or your child be bringing things to sell, show or talk about at a stall at the Mela, including curriculum? Please give us details as soon as possible so we can arrange a space.
  6. There is a tuck shop at St. Mary’s. In case they are open to keep certain favourite items of your children, do send us a list. We do not promise anything, but we can put forward your request.
  7. Priya has already requested for favourite music to make a play list for the last night bonfire party. Navin had suggested that we have some good quality music too. I think it would be nice if people could bring along ‘good’ music in addition to the fun dance tunes which we can play at other times all through the conference. Do let us know what you can bring or suggest.
  8. We will be having a book and toy corner. Please bring books you no longer need that can be left there for children to browse through. Also bring toys that you no longer need for children to play with. Board games and anything else you can think of are also welcome.
  9. Would you like to initiate a session? There will be a chart with free slots where you can add your session.
  10. Do you have any ideas for the inauguration when we will all be together – babies, children, teens, parents, grandparents.
If you do not wish to put down lengthy answers but just need to pass an idea, do call Urmila on 9422330377.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Registrations closing soon!!

We have only a few spaces left and will be closing registrations soon, however, people are welcome to make a day visit or overnight trip.  On the spot registration rates will apply. Looking forward to this exciting first conference!