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How the IHC 14 planning is done?

Dear Friends,

This is the way in which the planning is happening:

Volunteers are a group of people who are willing to do the work.  We invite anyone and everyone to join.  

A form has been sent out to all the groups and registered participants to field your suggestions for guests, activity and sessions proposals.

We urge you to fill in this form as soon as possible before the 25th of January 2014.

On the 25th, all the information sent in will be shared via a spread sheet (automatically generated) for everyone to view and comment.  Please send in your comments to india.homeschoolers.conference@gmail.com, so we know your preferences.

On the 2nd, after due consideration of all the comments and feedback, final decisions will be made.  The meeting is in Mumbai, but if you are in another city and wish to join, let us know and we will see how we can work that out.

In case you have not received this, we are re sending today:

1. Link to the document where you  can see the proposals that have come in so far: IHC Activity Volunteer Sheet

2.  Link to the form that you need to fill to propose an activity / guest / session:  IHC 2014 Call for Volunteers and Activity Proposals

3.  Send your feedback to india.homeschoolers.conference@gmail.com.

4.  Let us know if you wish to join the planning meeting in Mumbai on 2nd February for finalizing the above.

IHC volunteer team

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