Welcome to the 2nd All India Homeschoolers Conference, 2014.
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We are excited to see the spectrum of activities offered by participants.
You an see the IHC 2014 Activity Schedule here  

There are some sessions that take place in parallel to other sessions.
Here is the list to the parallel sessions

Some interesting activities you can participate in are

21st February        6 pm-7.15 pm         Inauguration to IHC14
                             9 pm-10 pm            Antakshari & Bonfire 

22nd February       11 am-12.50 pm     HS : Hopes, Doubts & Fears  
                             5 pm-6.50 pm         RTE & NIOS 
                             2.30 pm - 4.30 pm  Natural Farming
                             9 pm-10 pm            Singalong and Drum Circle 
23rd February       11 am-12.50 pm     HS Presentations 

                             2.30 pm-4.20 pm    IHC 14 Mela 
                             2.30 pm - 4.30 pm  Natural Farming
                             9 pm-10 pm            Movie Magic & Storytelling
24th February       2.30 pm-6 pm     Trek to pond 
                             9 pm-10 pm        Finale : Stage Night
25th February       Morning              Swashikshan Meeting   
                             followed by        Farewell and clean-up 

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