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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

General Information, Things to keep in mind about IHC and St Mary's

We are so happy at the thought of being together soon! Here is some general information:

1. St. Mary's has a huge play ground that is on the edge of a valley. Please bring footballs, cricket equipment and any other games equipment. There is plenty of space! Does anyone have those cups or cones which are used in football training? There are some simple warm up games that we played recently at a ground in Mumbai with them.

2. We will be organizing at least one walk/trek, and more if possible. Those interested should bring appropriate shoes, caps, water bottles and carry a snack.

3. There is a pond that people may be able to swim in. So please do carry your swim wear, towels and soaps.

4. Please bring waste materials that can be used for art, craft, making drums and Arvind Gupta toys. Those who are offering sessions, do share what you would like participants to bring.

5. Bring a musical instrument, costume or anything they would like to perform.

6. There will be a Mela on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, where you can 'show, tell, display, sell'. Please give us some idea of who will be putting up what. There are no tables and only a few benches, so bring a mat, dhurrie or sheet to spread down.

Simultaneously adults can display and explain their curriculum and resources. This can continue impromptu for all the days.

7. Can everyone also bring at least one newspaper or magazine from their place. We will use these in the "News Critic" workshop. Even if you aren't attending the workshop you may contribute a newspaper for it. We might use these for other sessions as well.

8. There is a Tuck Shop, with biscuits, chips, juices...

9. Please remember to pack your and your children's medications and basic 1st Aid needs.

10. About the under 3 year olds, since St. Mary's is not charging them, they will not get a bed or plate, but will eat and sleep with the parents.

11. The hot water timings are: 7 - 8 am and 6 - 8 pm. Steven has requested us to not all bathe at one time, but split up into morning and evening shifts for bathing, as there will not be enough hot water for all at one time.

12. Meal timings are non negotiable, so please end sessions on time:
Breakfast 8 - 9 am
Mid morning tea 10.30
Lunch 1 - 2 pm
Tea 4 pm
Dinner 8 - 9 pm

13.Weather Information: http://www.accuweather.com/en/in/khandala/204664/hourly-weather-forecast/204664
Bring warm clothes for the evenings and nights. This year is colder than last year, even in Pune. Khandala will be colder. It is also windy some nights.

There are blankets at St. Mary's. But bring softer warm covers if adults or children need.

14. Lastly, the staff will be overwhelmed if we all try to talk to them, so if you have any requests or queries while at the venue, please contact Nikhil Trivedi for food, Nandita for rooms, and Supriya and Urmila if you still need something. They have said to please do this before 5pm, as the staff goes home after that.

Looking forward to a great time together!

Swashikshan Team IHC - 13.

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